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Lip Augmentation Can Increase Volume and Improve Contours

For patients who are unhappy with the appearance of thin, undefined lips, Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg offers advanced lip augmentation treatment to restore a more youthful appearance. Using dermal fillers or fat transfer, we can enhance the shape, symmetry, and volume of lips to help patients achieve a more luscious pout. At our Long Island, NY, practice, we are proud to offer the latest cosmetic services performed using the most advanced techniques. We can customize your procedure to meet your unique goals, helping to refine the border of the lips, improve their natural contour, and increase their volume.

What Happens When Lips Age?

Skin can change dramatically as we age, affecting both the texture and appearance of the lips. As fullness gradually decreases and skin loses its elasticity, lips can become flatter and thinner. Over time, fine lines can appear, taking the place of a smooth, uniform appearance. With the loss of pigment, the definition of the upper lip also becomes less distinct, impacting the balance between the lips and other facial features.’

Types of Lip Augmentation

Depending on your cosmetic goals, we can use dermal fillers or fat transfer to restore lost volume. For the right patients, we can also place a lip implant for permanent results. Dr. Greenberg can help you decide which type is best for you. At our practice, we offer:

  • Lip Augmentation with Dermal Fillers: This is the least invasive form of lip augmentation, and can generally be performed in less than 30 minutes. Dermal fillers provide immediate results that can last for four to six months. There are many different types of injectable fillers, including Restylane® and JUVÉDERM®, and Dr. Greenberg can help you choose the most effective solution for your goals. Fillers generally have a low risk of complications, but temporary side effects can include redness, bruising, swelling, tenderness, and minor discomfort.
  • Lip Augmentation with Fat Transfer: During this procedure, we can perform liposuction and transplant fat deposits from another area of the body to the lips. This is a great option for patients who want to achieve leaner contours and rejuvenated lips. As this procedure incorporates fat from your own body, there is reduced risk of rejection or allergic reaction.
  • Lip Implant: To help patients achieve lasting results, we can place a silicone lip implant, enhancing the symmetry and proportionality of lips.

At your consultation, Dr. Greenberg can review your treatment options and the overall cost to ensure you are confident in your decision.

Am I a Candidate?

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your lips and seek to restore a more youthful look, lip augmentation may be right for you. During treatment, we can increase lip plumpness, as well as reduce the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles. To qualify for this procedure, you should be in good overall health, without any systemic issues such as diabetes or blood-clotting disorders. Dr. Greenberg can review your medical history and evaluate your goals during your consultation to ensure your candidacy.

Recovery after Lip Augmentation

We typically perform lip augmentation in the office, so you can return home the same day. It is common for some swelling and bruising to accompany any type of lip enhancement. If you receive dermal fillers, swelling can last about a week. Swelling resulting from a facial fat transfer can last longer, depending upon your rate of healing. Most patients can return to work within 24 hours of a dermal filler procedure, and up to two to three weeks of a fat transfer treatment. Dr. Greenberg can review at-home care instructions to help you achieve a smooth recovery.

Using dermal fillers or fat transfer, we can enhance the shape, symmetry, and volume of lips to help patients achieve a more luscious pout.

What are the Factors that Affect Lip Augmentation Cost?

If you want to restore youthful volume to your lips, you may benefit from lip augmentation at Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery. By guiding you through the many factors that influence lip augmentation cost, Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg can ensure that you make an informed decision. The number one consideration affecting lip augmentation cost is the surgical method you choose. At his Long Island, NY, practice, Dr. Greenberg will review all cost factors with, which also include anesthesia method and post-operative treatment.

Your Treatment Options
Dr. Greenberg can use one of three methods to perform your lip augmentation. The techniques have varying costs. Dr. Greenberg will help you choose the option that best matches your cosmetic goals and budget.

  • Dermal fillers: Dermal fillers are the most conservative and economical option. They can be used to enhance the volume of your lips and, in some cases, stimulate collagen production. Results can last four to six months, and you will likely need touch-up treatments to maintain your results.
  • Fat transfer: Fat injection is more costly than dermal fillers. However, the results are long-lasting, and Dr. Greenberg can achieve several cosmetic effects at once. First, he will perform liposuction, refining another area of your body, such as your abdomen or thighs. After isolating the fat cells, he will inject them into your lips to create a subtle, plumper effect.
  • Lip implants: Lip implants offer permanent and dramatic results. Dr. Greenberg will help you choose the size and shape of implants that match your overall facial contours. He will place them through hidden incisions, and the entire treatment will typically take about one hour.

Anesthesia, Post-surgical Care, and Location
The type of augmentation procedure you choose will determine the sedation method and follow-up treatment that you require. In turn, these factors will affect the overall cost of your treatment. Dermal fillers require topical numbing medication and no post-treatment appointments. Therefore, the associated costs will be lower than the cost of other procedures.

Fortunately, Dr. Greenberg offers dermal fillers at each of his three locations. He can also perform more extensive treatments at his ambulatory surgery center in Woodbury.

With fat injection, you will typically receive local anesthesia. If you receive lip implants, local anesthesia or conscious sedation will be administered. Lip implants may also require more follow-up care, so your overall cost will typically be higher than with other methods.

Your costs will also depend on where the procedure takes place. Fortunately, Dr. Greenberg offers dermal fillers at each of his three locations. He can also perform more extensive treatments at his ambulatory surgery center in Woodbury. Therefore, we can provide accurate treatment estimates, and you will not have to worry about additional hospital fees.

Experience: Worth the Investment
If you are watching your budget, you may be tempted to choose a surgeon based on their lower costs. However, it is important to evaluate a surgeon’s overall expertise. Often, an inexperienced or unqualified surgeon will use lower prices to bring in patients. In these cases, you will face a higher risk for medical side effects and poor cosmetic results. Dr. Greenberg maintains years of surgical experience, and has also been featured in renowned publications.

At Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery, we participate in both CareCredit® and ProsperHealthcare Lending. These third-party financing companies offer fixed, low, and no-interest repayment options. Our office team can help you find a solution that fits your budget and allows you to enjoy the enhanced appearance that you desire.

Receive Your Treatment Estimate
Dr. Greenberg strives to provide the results you desire, and is considered an expert in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery. To learn more about lip augmentation and the estimated cost of your treatment, schedule your personal consultation today.

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Plump, shapely lips can complement your eyes, the contours of your face, and your overall appearance. If you have any questions about lip augmentation options or the procedures themselves, please do not hesitate to contact our office online to schedule a consultation with Dr. Greenberg. You can also call us at (516) 217-8120. Also now serving Boca Raton, FL


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